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Taking the headache out of Mazak machine servicing

MAZ Service & Repair Ltd

Maz Machine Services

We understand how frustrating it is when your Mazak machines are not working properly, it slows your productivity down or may even stop it completely. Your efficiency rate reduces, your staff are hanging around, and you can’t get on with what you need to do.

At MAZ Service & Repair we’re on hand to take this headache away from you. We only work on Mazak CNC machines, so we know them inside out and back to front. Our engineers have been trained by Mazak and have over 25 years’ experience on Mazak machine tools between them.

Whether you’re looking for Mazak spare parts or a second-hand CNC machine, need an annual Mazak service or an emergency breakdown call-out, or maybe you need to move a machine between factories, we’re on hand to sort this out for you. We’re also interested in buying any second-hand Mazak machines you may no longer need.

24-hour response for all emergency call outs

MAZ Service & Repair Ltd

Breakdowns and machine repair services

We aim to offer a 24-hour response for all emergency call outs. Based in Studley in Warwickshire, we are ideally located in the heart of England to be able to get to most places in England within a couple of hours. We work all over England, wherever our customers need us to go.

We can normally identify the issue over the phone, so we can bring the correct parts with us to repair your machine, minimising its downtime. Over the years we have gained a large supply chain of repairers and suppliers of Mazak parts that fit all types of Mazak machines.

We have a large customer base and most of our customers have been referred to us from other customers. Our rates are competitive, our knowledge is unrivalled and our service standards are excellent - with most issues diagnosed and fixed on the first inspection.

We can supply refurbished Mazak parts from our store and we can also train your staff on fixing minor Mazak machine repairs if any future issues arise, which will minimise your downtime and maximise your efficiency even further.

Making sure your Mazak machine works perfectly

MAZ Service & Repair Ltd

Maz Annual Service

An annual service is a great investment, making sure your Mazak machine is in perfect working order, operating at its optimum efficiency. A poorly performing machine will reduce your efficiency, will wear out parts more quickly and may cause the machine to breakdown, potentially resulting in damage.

In addition to replacing all oils and filters, we will also give your Mazak machine a complete health check. All safety side door interlocks will be checked, to ensure you are confirming to all Health and Safety requirements. We’ll also check your machine’s alignment and accuracy to keep it running efficiently. 

Just contact us for an annual Mazak service quote, we offer competitive rates coupled with a skilled and knowledgeable service.

Managing your machine move with no hassle

MAZ Service & Repair Ltd

Maz Machine Moves

At MAZ Service and Repair Ltd we are Mazak machine tool specialists and we only use the correct lifting equipment for each machine. We’ll manage the entire process for you, making sure it’s efficient and hassle-free. 

Whether you need to move an existing machine between units or if you’ve bought a new one and can’t get it to where you want it, we can help. Even if your Mazak machine needs some parts removed to pass through a tight space, this can be arranged. Our warehouse in Studley in Warwickshire can accommodate these large machines overnight so if you’re having logistical problems arranging transport then we can organise this for you.

As well as physically moving the machines, we can decommission them and then recommission them at their new location. Once we have your machine in the correct position, we can drill and fix your Mazak machine tool to the floor using the method employed by Mazak machine tools themselves.

Looking to sell your used machine?

MAZ Service & Repair Ltd

Mazak Machine Purchases

If you’re looking to sell a CNC Mazak machine, then please contact us as we’re always on the look-out for second-hand machines for parts or to re-sell.

We’ll offer you a competitive price for your machine and will take it away so it’s completely hassle-free. We are a one-stop shop - we buy and sell Mazak CNC machines, we arrange the transport, and we decommission them – this is all done in-house without the need for any third-party involvement.

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