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Price Match Terms & Conditions

By contacting our sales team to take advantage of our Price Match guarantee, you agree to the following terms and conditions listed below. If you do not agree with anything listed below, we reserve the right to refuse a price match.

Business Location

The competitor must be based in the United Kingdom. We will not match any products being sold outside of the UK

What must be included

The website with which you found the cheaper product, must be a stock item. The item must be identical to the product you wish to purchase from us. The price with which we are comparing must be the total price and include VAT, delivery charges, and any other additional charges. The price specified on the competitor’s website must be the price quoted for delivery to yourself.

Quality and Offers

The products must not be on special offer, under a clearance line or part of any bankrupt stock. They must also not be under any form of auction (for example Ebay).


The competitor must be prepared to deliver the goods to yourself or the place of your choosing and must include any additional delivery charges.

Price Verification

Our sales team must be able to verify the difference in price via the link that you have supplied us. If for whatever reason we cannot verify the price, we will contact you for any further information that we may require or let you know the reason that we cannot price match.


All price match requests MUST be sent over before the order is placed with us. We will not be able to price match any items after an order is placed with us and we will not issue a refund of the difference. We may choose to do this in certain circumstances, but we reserve the right to make that decision.

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